Program Fees

The program — which comprises one optional bridge course, six core courses and a required immersion — can be completed in 18 months. 

Fee Schedules


core courses


in-person immersion


per course



Program fees are $3,666 per course for the 2022–2023 calendar year. The total cost of the program is $22,000 based on current fee rates. A nonrefundable $500 deposit commitment fee is due upon enrollment and applied to Term 1 costs. See below for a detailed breakdown of costs per term.

Additional fees may apply for certain circumstances, including:

  • Application fee: There is a nonrefundable application fee of $85. Fee waivers are available for Columbia University alumni, certificate recipients of Columbia Engineering Boot Camps, active-duty military and veterans, and those who apply by the priority deadline of their desired cohort start date.
  • Immersion travel and lodging fees: Although there is no additional cost for the bridge course or the immersion, learners will be responsible for travel and lodging costs related to the immersion, which takes place at the end of the program.
  • Executive Education document fee: All learners registered in the non-degree, non-credit Executive Education program at Columbia Engineering will be charged a one-time, $105 document fee that entitles learners to e-transcripts, enrollment letters, and the mailing of the certificate.

Costs by Term

Part-Time Schedule*

Term 1- $3,666

Intro to AI and Business for AI

Term 2- $3,666

Algorithms and Machine Learning

Term 3- $3,666

Neural Networks & Deep Learning

Term 4- $3,666

Natural Language & Speech Processing

Term 5- $3,666

Computer Vision and Robotics

Term 6- $3,670

Security, Privacy, and Policy

*All tracks subject to change. Contact your enrollment advisor to learn more. 

Funding Your Education

While federal Title IV financial aid is not available for this program, we encourage you to explore all funding options. Visit our program fees and financial aid FAQs page to learn more about how you can invest in your education.

Are you interested in exploring employer sponsorships? We have created two separate guides, one for learners and one for employers, to help navigate the important conversations needed to get financial support from your organization. 

Our AI Support Guide for Learners will prepare you for educating your employer about the online AI executive certificate, advocating for yourself, and presenting how continued education can benefit your organization. 

A few of the topics covered in this guide include: 

  • Sequencing conversations with your manager and employer.
  • Identifying the specific skills you can apply to your role.
  • Communicating the ROI for your organization. 

Download the AI Support Guide for Learners to get started. 

Our AI Support Guide for Employers, in turn, covers the specific skills and competencies the online AI executive certificate can bring to an organization. It details the program’s cost, duration, and how employees can apply their class teachings directly to their roles. 

Topics covered in this guide include:

  • Building and leading AI teams and projects 
  • Integrating machine learning and data security 
  • Improving efficiencies for processes in your organization

Download the AI Support Guide for Employers to share with your manager and employer.


The online Columbia Artificial Intelligence (AI) executive certificate program is guaranteeing a scholarship of up to $4K to learners who are accepted and enrolled into the upcoming cohort. Contact your enrollment advisor for more information.

What’s Next for Your Career?

It’s up to you — and the possibilities are plentiful. Not only will these funding options help you seamlessly transition into this program, but they will also allow you to focus on enhancing your skills so you can stand out to employers once you finish.  

To start, you’ll have Columbia Engineering — top ranked for engineering and artificial intelligence1 — attached to your résumé. Plus, you’ll have access to career-long alumni benefits that can grow your network, including:

  • Topical alumni newsletters.
  • Invitations to select alumni events.
  • Future campus immersions that allow you to refine your AI skills and foster important relationships. 

No matter where your new AI knowledge takes you, you’ll always have support from Columbia Engineering.

It’s Your Turn to Lead at the Forefront of AI Technology

If you’re ready to start integrating AI into strategic planning for your organization, request information about the Online AI executive certificate from Columbia University.

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1 Ranked #17 in Engineering and #11 in Artificial Intelligence. Columbia University Graduate School Rankings. (2023). U.S. News and World Report Retrieved July 13, 2023. arrow_upwardReturn to footnote reference