The Myriad Applications of AI

Many of our daily activities have already been transformed by everyday artificial intelligence (AI) applications. We listen to customized playlists of songs and watch tailored movie suggestions. We track our health, performance, and vitals thanks to smart technologies. We connect and keep up with friends on social media based on how we’ve previously interacted with them. Also, we can quickly find the exact item we are shopping for online in a matter of seconds.

Beyond these everyday examples of artificial intelligence use, an even bigger transformation driven by AI is imminent—one that, if implemented with a forward vision in mind, can democratize health care, optimize business transactions, advance supply chain efficiency, replace humans in performing repetitive or dangerous tasks, and create new, lifelike modes of entertainment.

It’s also important to remember that AI is first and foremost a means to an end. It is a way to solve problems alongside human effort, and it is truly only as useful, ethical, and unbiased as the people behind it.

For the minds and organizations that have prioritized data science within their strategic plans, AI has unleashed numerous capabilities that have allowed them to gather and optimize data to create entirely new categories of products and services and generate the new demand to go along with them.

Learn more about how AI technologies are transforming five key spaces—health care, robotics,  manufacturing, video games, and e-commerce—and why the organizations that prioritize data science will be the ones to get ahead of their industries, and stay ahead.

AI in Health Care

Because of the ways telehealth has been employed since the beginning of the pandemic, AI not only has transformed how health care is delivered by meeting patients where they are but is now also in the process of helping us democratize health care access. Deep learning also helps providers gain crucial medical efficiencies, such as the capacity to enable successful knowledge-sharing that has the potential to save lives.

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AI in Robotics

Technological innovations in robotics affect not just one single industry but numerous ones simultaneously, from health care and defense to automotive, education, fitness, retail, and manufacturing.

AI in Manufacturing

In the manufacturing space, AI is transforming how and when value is created. AI also helps create new business models and, to avoid downtime, delivers services like mass customization and predictive maintenance.

AI in Video Games

Graphics, interfaces, and the depths of their imaginary worlds can make today’s video games seem sophisticated—and light-years away from the days of PAC-MAN, Pong, and Space Invaders, and even the arcade Mario Bros.—but video games are still powered by the same core principle as they were even forty years ago: path finding.

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AI in E-commerce

From voice assistants, chatbots, and customized recommendations to retargeted and intelligent search, the AI-powered online shopping journey has become a better, more personalized, and more efficient customer experience—all this while enabling companies to gather and analyze data in real time and, by consequence, boosting inbound sales.

Explore the Future of AI with Columbia Engineering

At Columbia Engineering, the belief that technology cannot exist without humanity is a core driving principle to building the frameworks for a healthy, connected, and creative world.

It’s why we developed the online AI executive certificate program—to help business leaders create a vision for how AI can be strategically integrated into organizations to build new systems, transform services, create new products, optimize operational efficiency, and disrupt industries from health care to e-commerce and beyond.

The certificate program allows learners to gain a comprehensive view of AI and its potential applications and gives them the deep technical expertise to lead engineers, developers, and programmers in executing their vision.

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